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PSRC Publications

C - Systems Protection, D - Line Protection, H - Relaying Communications, I - Relaying Practices, J - Rotating Machinery, K - Substation Protection

Subcommittee Title Note Size Year Keywords
C Role of Protective Relaying in the Smart Grid WG Report 1.33MB pdf 2017 smart grid
C Relay Scheme Design Using Microprocessor Relays WG Report 683kB pdf 2014  
C Fault Current Contributions from Wind Plants WG Report 2MB pdf 2013 wind farm, fault
C Use of Synchrophasor Measurements in Protective Relaying Applications WG Report 2.59MB pdf 2013 synchrophasor, pmu
C Considerations for Use of Disturbance Recorders WG Report 371kB pdf 2006 dfr
C Protective Relaying and Power Quality WG Report 1.06MB pdf NA power quality
C Design and Testing of System Integrity Protection Schemes (SIPS) WG report 1.09 MB pdf 2012 sips
C Wide Area Protection and Emergency Control WG Report 1.07MB pdf NA  
C Relay Engineering in Power Engineering Curricula WG Report 400kB pdf NA  
C Cybersecurity Issues for Protective Relaying WG Report 502kB pdf NA cyber, cip
C Performance of Relaying during Wide-Area Stressed Conditions WG Report 1.01MB pdf 2008  
C Processes, Issues, Trends and Quality Control of Relay Settings WG Report 271kB pdf 2008 relay settings
C IEEE PSRC Report on Global Industry Experience with System Integrity Protection Schemes (SIPS) WG Report 954kB pdf 2010 sips
C Performance of Relaying During Wide-area Stressed Conditions Presentation 1.45MB ppt 2012 PES 2012
C Fault Current Contributions from Wind Plants Presentation 3.3MB pptx 2012 PES 2012
D Summary Paper for C37.243 IEEE Guide for Application of Digital Line Current Differential Relays Using Digital Communication Summary Paper 114kB pdf 2016 D32, differential, digital
D Presentation on C37.114-2014 Guide for Determining Fault Location on AC Transmission and Distribution Lines Presentation 549kB 2016 D31
D Transmission Line Applications of Directional Ground Overcurrent Relays WG Report 459kB pdf 2014 directional, ground
D AC Transmission Line Model Parameter Validation WG Report 1.40MB pdf 2014 transmission line
D Considerations in Choosing Directional Polarizing Methods for Ground Overcurrent Elements in Line Protection Applications WG Report 1.51MB pdf 2014 directional polarizing
D Distance Element Response to Distorted Waveforms WG Report 628kB pdf 2014 distance, distortion
D Effect of Distribution Automation on Protective Relaying Special Report 768kB pdf 2013 distribution automation
D Performance Specification and Testing of Transmission Line Relays for Frequency Response Special Report 715kB pdf 2012 frequency nerc
D Comtrade Calculator referenced in Performance Specification and Testing of Transmission Line Relays for Frequency Response Spreadsheet 415kB zip 2012 frequency nerc


Application of Overreaching Distance Relays WG Report 826kB pdf 2009
D High Impedance Fault Detection WG Report      
D Impact of Distributed Resources on Distribution Line Protection WG Report 398kB pdf NA  
D Loss of ac Voltage Considerations for Line Protection WG Report 325kB pdf NA  
D Power Swing and Out-of-Step Considerations on Transmission Lines WG Report 661kB pdf 2005  
D Results of the 2002 Distribution Protection Survey WG Report 304kB pdf 2002  
D Transmission Line Relay Loadability WG Report 130kB pdf 2001  
D Justifying Pilot Protection on Transmission Lines WG Report 413kB pdf 2008  
D Summary of C37.230-2007, IEEE Guide for Protective Relay Applications to Distribution Lines WG Report 107kB pdf 2008  
D Cold Load Pickup Issues WG Report 248kB pdf NA  


High Impedance Fault Detection WG Report 134kB pdf
D EMTP Reference Models for Transmission Line Relay Testing WG Report 364kB pdf    
D PSCAD files pertaining to "EMTP Reference Models for Transmission Line Relay Testing" report PSCAD 428kB 2013 PSCAD version 4.5.1
D Effect of Distribution Automation on Protective Relaying Presentation 732kB 2014
H Comtrade 2013 Conformity Test Plan WG Report 430kB pdf 2015  
H Communications Technology for Protection Systems WG Report 7.37MB pdf 2013 H9
H Common format for IED Configuration Data WG Report 954kB pdf 2013 H5
H Report on a Common Data Format for IED Sampled Data WG Report 438kB 2008 H5-c
H Cyber Security for Protection Related Data Files WG Report 120kB pdf 2011 cyber security
H Application Considerations of IEC 61850/UCA 2 for Substation Ethernet Local Area Network Communication for Protection and Control WG Report 1.50MB pdf 2005 IEC 61850
H Application of Peer-to-Peer Communication for Protective Relaying WG Report 174kB pdf 2002  
H Digital Communications for Relay Protection WG Report 298kB pdf NA  
H File Naming Convention for Time Sequence Data WG Report 43.5kB doc 2001  
H IEEE C37.115-2003 Standard Test Method for Use in Evaluation of Message Communications between Intelligent Electronic Devices in an Integrated Substation Protection, Control, and Data Acquisition System WG Report 113kB zip 2003  
H Protective Relay Applications Using the Smart Grid Communication Infrastructure WG Report 135kB pdf 2012 smart grid comm
H Special Considerations in Applying Power Line Carrier for Protective Relaying WG Report 351kB zip NA  
H Using Spread Spectrum Radio Communication for Power System Protection Relaying Applications  WG Report 867.39kB pdf 2005  
H Many Changes to C37.2   795kB pdf 2008 presentation
H Summary Paper of C37.232-2007 Recommended Practice for Naming Time Sequenced Data Files Paper 53kB pdp 2008 conference paper
H Glossary of Communications Terms WG Report 106kB pdf 2008 terminology
H Schema for Phasor Data using the COMTRADE File Standard WG Report 160kB pdf 2010  
H Redundancy in Coupling PLC to the Power Line WG Report 446kB pdf 2011  
I Commissioning Testing of Protection Systems WG Report 328kB pdf 2017 commisioning testing
I Analysis of System Waveforms and Event Data WG Report 5.32MB pdf 2016 I21
I Quality Assurance for Protection and Control Design WG Report 1MB pdf 2015 I12
I End-Of-Useful Life Assessment of P&C Devices WG Report 885kB pdf 2015 I22
I Schematic Representation of Power System Relaying WG Report 7.1MB pdf 2014  
I Relay Functional Type Testing WG Report 420kB 2013  
I Anomaly Checks for Relay Settings WG Report 225kB pdf 2011  
I CT Saturation Theory and Calculator WG Report 934kB zip 2003  
I Intertie Protection of Consumer-Owned Generation WG Report 68.6kB zip NA  
I Manufacturers Service Letter Database TF Report NA 2007  
I Relay System Performance Measuring WG Report 16.3kB zip 1999  
I Summary Paper on C37.90.1-2002 WG Report 16.1kB zip 2002  
I 2001 Survey of Relaying Test Practices WG Report 140kB pdf 2002  
I Transmission Relay Systems Performance Comparison WG Report 805kB zip 2005  
I Transmission Relay Systems Performance Comparison WG Report 781kB zip NA  
I Understanding Microprocessor-Based Technology Applied to Relaying WG Report 716kB pdf 2009  
I Overview on C57.13.3, "IEEE Guide for the Grounding of Instrument Transformer Secondary Circuits and Cases" Presentation NA NA  
I Event Reconstruction Using Data from Protection and Disturbance Recording Intelligent Electronic Devices WG Report 101kB pdf 2008  
I Redundancy Considerations for Protective Relaying Systems WG Report 980kB pdf 2010  
I Practical Aspects of Rogowski Coil Applications to Relaying WG Report 4.1MB pdf 2011  
J Avoiding Unwanted Reclosing on Rotating Apparatus (Aurora) WG Report 694kB pdf 2017 aurora
J Avoiding Unwanted Reclosing on Rotating Apparatus (Aurora) Presentation 1MB pdf 2016 aurora
J Power Plant and Transmission System Protection Coordination WG Report 114kB pdf 2012  
J Protection Considerations for Combustion Gas Turbine Static Starting WG Report 240kB pdf 2011  


Adjustable Speed Drive Motor Protection Applications and Issues WG Report 275kB pdf



Coordination of Generator Protection with Generator Excitation Control and Generator Capability WG Paper 297kB


J IEEE Tutorial on the Protection of Synchronous Generators Tutorial 4.7MB pdf 2011 tutorial
J Motor Bus Transfer Applications Issues and Considerations WG Report 730kB pdf 2012  
K Looking into the Looking into the Future Protection, Automation and Control Systems _IEEE PSRC WG K15_Final WG Report 331kB pdf 2016  
K Centralized Substation Protection and Control WG Report 4.3MB pdf 2015 centralized
K Protection Considerations to Mitigate Arc-Flash Hazards WG Report 144kB pdf 2009 arc flash
K Breaker Failure Protection - Power Point presentation from the WPRC Presentation 130kB PPT NA  
K Protection of Phase Angle Regulating Transformer WG Report 161kB zip 1999  
K Relay Trip Circuit Design WG Report 345kB zip 1999  
K Transformer Thermal Overload Protection WG Report 124kB zip 1999  
K Reducing Outage Durations Through Improved Protection and Autorestoration in Distribution Stations WG Report 279kB pdf 2009  
K Reducing Outages Through Improved Protection, Monitoring, Diagnostics and Autorestoration In Transmission Substations WG Report 241kB pdf 2014  
K Voltage Collapse Mitigation WG Report 140kB pdf 1996  
K Ancillary Protective and Control Functions Common to Multiple Protective Relays WG Report 1.33MB pdf 2009  
K Ancillary Protective and Control Functions Common to Multiple Protective Relays - Summary Summary 120kB pdf 2010
K Breaker Failure Protection -  Power Point presentations at the PES General meeting Presentation 645kB zip 2010
K Sudden Pressure Protection of Transformers Report 788kB pdf 2014
OTHER Pictorial History of the Developement of the Electricity Industry Presentation 22MB pdf 2015 Dr. Robert Schainker
OTHER Effect of GIC on Power Transformers & Power Systems Presentation 530kB 2014 R. Girgis
OTHER Selection And Protection Of Current Transformers For Use In Shunt Capacitor Banks Paper 207kB 1976 J.E. Harder
OTHER The Application and Benefits of Multi-phase Auto-reclosing Paper 269kB 2015 T. Miyoshi, A. Kasai
OTHER Update on IEEE PC37.242, Guide for Synchronization, Calibration, Testing, and Installation of PMU for Power System P&C Presentation 1.12MB pptx 2012 PES 2012
OTHER Cyber Security Standards V4 - V5 Update to PSRC Presentation 1MB pdf 2013 S. Mix, NERC, cyber
OTHER Considerations and Experiences in Implementing Ground Differential Protection for Transformer Protection at TVA Paper 440kB pdf 2009 M. Kao, G. Kobet, G. Pitts
TUTORIAL Overview on C37.92, Standard for Low-Level Analog Interface between Electronic Sensors and Protective Relays Presentation 61.1kB zip 2004  
TUTORIAL Presentations - Chapters 1 to 4 EMTP Tutorial 1.01MB zip NA  
TUTORIAL Presentations - Chapters 5 to 9 EMTP Tutorial 724kB zip NA  
TUTORIAL Presentations - Chapters 10 to 13 EMTP Tutorial 614kB zip NA  
TUTORIAL Presentation - Web Based Review of Papers - Sidhu Presentation 2.14MB zip NA  
TUTORIAL Presentation - Rogowski Coils as presented to the working group "Application of Rogowski Coils for Protective Relaying Purposes" Presentation 1.07MB zip 2004  

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