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The PES PSRC welcomes participation from power system protection engineers interested in the scope of work of the Committee. Participation is most effective in the form of attendance at working group and committee meetings (see links to "Future meetings" and "Agenda"). Meeting attendees already have their contact information on the "PSRC Roster List" (available only in hard copy format at meetings). PSRC meeting attendees on the PSRC Roster List are automatically put on the “Expanded Scope PSRC” mailing list described below, and do not need to change anything unless desired.

The “Expanded Scope PSRC” mail list sends emails with notifications regarding meeting notices, agendas, and other information regarding publication of reports and documents produced by the Committee. This list also includes some additional e-mails with non-commercial information of interest to power system protection engineers, such as meeting announcements and calls for papers for associated organizations such as PES, CIGRE, etc. Email frequency varies, increasing just before each of the three meetings per year but averages about once or twice per month.

Recognizing the volume of emails sent and received may already be undesirable to some individuals, there is an option for PSRC attendees to restrict emails to PSRC specific business only. The “PRSC Specific” mailing list sends announcements regarding PSRC business only and does not include any other emails.

Each email sent to either list will include information on how to unsubscribe.

PSRC meeting attendees who wish to change information on the Roster List should do so through mark up of one of the master copies available at meetings.

If you are not presently on the Roster List, and simply wish to keep in touch with the activities of the PSRC, you may subscribe to either the “Expanded Scope PSRC” or the "PSRC specific" mailing list and receive regular email information about the Committee activities.

Whether or not you are on the roster list, you may change your subscription from one list to the other by subscribing to the appropriate list using the information provided below.  Note, you will only be subscribed to one list at a time.

To subscribe to the "PSRC specific" e-mail list enter your name (first & last) and your e-mail address below - then click the Subscribe button.

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To subscribe to the "expanded scope" e-mail list you may do so in the form below.  This list is an expanded list that includes non-commercial e-mails that may be of interest to you (beyond just the PSRC specific items) as well as all e-mails sent to the PSRC specific list.  So, if you subscribe to this PES-PSRC-SUB list you do not need to also subscribe to the PES-PSRC list.

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You may also subscribe, unsubscribe and manage your options for any IEEE list via a web interface. You may do this by going to the web site http://listserv.ieee.org/ . A guide for using the web interface is available here.


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