Power System Relaying Committee


Our Scope

  Working Group Chair Vice-Chair
C2 The Role of Protective Relaying in the Smart Grid Alex Apostolov Roy Moxley
C18 Guide for Protection Systems of Transmission to Generation Interconnections (C37.246) Alla Deronja Keith Houser
C19 Standard for Phasor Data Concentrators (C37.247) Vasudev Gharpure M. Kanabar
C20 Impact of HVDC Transmission on Protective Relays Joe Mooney Ian Tualla
C21 Guide for Engineering, Implementation and Management of SIPS (C37.250) Yi Hu Gene Henneberg
C23 Coordination of Synchrophasor Related Activities Anthony Johnson Allen Goldstein
C24 Modifications to Fault Study Programs for Wind Turbine Generators Sukumar Brahma Evangelos Farantatos
C25 Protection of Wind Plants Martin Best Keith Houser
C26 Revision of C37.233, Protection System Protection Testing Guide Don Ware Matt Black
C28 IEEE Guide for Synchronizing, Calibration, Testing, and Installation of PMUs Allen Goldstein Harold Kirkham
C29 Testing Out of Step Impedance Characteristics for Lines and Generatrors Heather Malson Mike Kockott
C30 Microgrid Protection Systems Michael Higginson Fred Friend
C31 Redundancy Requirements for System Protection Reliabilty Solveig Ward Alla Deronja
C32 Protection Practices for interconnecting solar or other inverter based generation to utility transmission systems. Jim Deaton Mukesh Nagpal
C33 Hardware-in-Loop (HIL) Simulation Based Testing of Electric Power Apparatus and Controls Michael Steurer  
C34 NERC Standards Gaps Investigation Kevin Jones Gary Kobet


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