Power System Relaying Committee


Our Scope

  Working Group Chair Vice-Chair
D28 C37.230, Guide for Protective Relay Applications to Distribution Lines Brian Boysen Claire Patti
D29 Tutorial on Setting Impedance-Based Power Swing Blocking and Out-Of-Step Tripping Functions on Transmission Lines Kevin Jones Normann Fischer
D30 Tutorial on Application and Setting of Ground Distance Elements Karl Zimmermann Ted Warren
D32 Summary paper & presentation of C37.243 Line Current Differential Guide Bruce Mackie Craig Palmer
D34 Coordination with IEC 60255-187-3 Functional Spec for Line Current Differential Normann Fischer Joe Mooney
D35 Evaluate Transmission Line Pilot Protection Schemes Rick Gamble Nathan Gulczynski
D36 Summary paper & presentation of C37.113 Guide for Protective Relay Applications to Transmission Lines Jeff Barsch Don Lukach

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