Power System Relaying Committee


Our Scope

  Working Group Chair Vice-Chair
H3 Time-tagging in Protection and Disturbance Recording IEDs Bill Dickerson Jim Hackett
H6 Ethernet LAN in Substation Protection and Control C. Sufana B. Vandiver
H11 Revision of C37.118 Syncrophasor Standard K.E. Martin B. Kasztenny
H22 Guide for Categorizing Security Needs for Protection Related Data Files A. Makki  
H23 Guide for Naming Intelligent Electronic Devices (COMDEV) Rick Cornelison Eric Allen
H27 Standard for Common Protection and Control Settings or Configuration Data Format (COMSET) B. Vasudevan Dylan Jenkins
H30 IEC 61850 User Feedback Maragal A. Martin
H31 Models of Protection and Protection Related Functions Maragal  
H32 Performance Requirements for Teleprotection over Ethernet Ken Fodero  
H35 XML Translation for COMTRADE M. Adamiak  
H38 Design and Implementation of Time Synchronization Distribution Systems for Substation Automation J. Bougie  
H40 Recommended Practice for Databases Used in Utility Automation Systems J. Bougie  
H41 Revision of 1646 Communication Delivery Time Performance Requirements D. Holstein  

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