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PSRC Main Committee Meeting Presentations

Title Meeting Presented Keywords
PSRCC Awards and Recognition - January 2017 Jan 2017 awards
PES Initiatives Jan 2017 IEEE PES
IEEE PSRCC and IEC Standards for Protective Relays Jan 2017 I4, IEC
Severe Overvoltage During Single-Phase Open Period Jan 2017 single phase open
Schematic Representation of Power System Relaying Jan 2015 schematic, drawing
Relay Scheme Design Using Microprocessor Relays Jan 2015 relay design, tripping
Synchrophasor Measurement Standard Jan 2015 synchrophasors
GMD Impacts on Generators Sep 2014 CME, GMD
GMD Effects on Shunt Capacitor Banks Sep 2014 CME, GMD
Effect of GIC on Power Transformers & Power Systems Sep 2014 GIC, DC, GMD
Fault Current Contributions from Wind Plants Jan 2014 wind farms, fault current
IEEE Guide for Phasor Data Concentrator Requirements for Power System Protection, Control, and Monitoring Jan 2014 pmu, concentrator
UML and Its Use Jan 2014 uml, 61850
C37.96-2012 - IEEE Guide for the Protection of AC Motors Sept 2013 motor, C37.96
Summary of changes in 2013 COMTRADE standard Sept 2013 COMTRADE, C37.111
Use of Synchrophasor Measurements in Prot Relaying Appl Sept 2013 C14, synchrophasor
Cyber Security Standards Update: Version 5 - Jan 17, 2013 Jan 2013 cyber security, nerc
Pacific Southwest Disturbance - September 8, 2011 May 2012 disturbance, nerc
C37.114-2014 IEEE Guide for Determining Fault Location on AC Transmission and Distribution Lines May 2016 C37.114
2015 WDC Disturbance and Protection Standards Overview May 2016 NERC
myProject Redesign: Status & Preview May 2016 IEEE SA, myProject
Avoiding Unwanted Reclosing on Rotating Apparatus (Aurora) May 2016 J7, aurora
Breaking Paradigms in Control Building Design - Paper September 2017 control building
Breaking Paradigms in Control Building Design - Presentation September 2017 control building


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