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WGNameChairVice ChairScope
BAdvisoryPratap MysoreRuss PattersonAssist the Chair of the PSRC on all matters that he may request in the functioning, direction, and conduct of the work of the Main Committee. (Main Committee Officers, Subcommittee Chairs and past PSRC Chairs).
CSystem ProtectionGene HennebergFred FriendEvaluate protection systems responses to abnormal power system states. Evaluate and report on special protection schemes, remedial actions schemes, monitoring and Page 12 of 86 control systems and their performance during abnormal power system conditions. Recommend corrective strategies and develop appropriate standards, guides, or special publications. Evaluate and report on new technologies which may have a bearing on protection system performance during abnormal power system conditions.
DLine ProtectionKarl ZimmermanBruce MackieInvestigate and report on the relaying techniques and systems used for transmission and distribution (T&D) line protection. Develop statistics and recommend protection practices for improving line relaying performance. Develop and maintain standards for line protection.
HRelaying CommunicationsGalina AntonovaAaron MartinEvaluate and report on the characteristics and performance of protective relaying communications. Recommend communication requirements and operating and test procedures which assure reliable performance of the overall protective system. Report on new relaying equipment designs tailored to specific communications requirements.
IRelaying PracticesBrian MugalianAndre UribeDevelop, recommend and establish standards on protective relaying practices which are compatible with the electrical environment, including but, not limited to; relay withstand capabilities to electromagnetic interference, characteristics and performance of instrument transformers, testing procedures, applications, performance criteria, and definitions of relays and relay systems. Evaluate and report on pertinent aspects of protective relaying not addressed by other PSRC Subcommittees. Maintain applicable protective relaying standards.
JRotating Machinery ProtectionDale FinneyGary KobetEvaluate and report on protective relaying concepts and practices applicable to generators, motors, synchronous condensers, associated auxiliary systems, and performance of plant protective systems. Develop and maintain related relaying standards.
KSubstation ProtectionDon LukachBruce PickettEvaluate and report on methods used in protective relaying of substations and the consumer or independent power producer, associated equipment and performance of these protective systems. Develop and maintain relaying standards which relate to this equipment and the utility-consumer interface.

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