A list of reports posted by the PSRC. An archive of all reports is available here.

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C2020WG ReportProtection Challenges and Practices for Interconnecting Inverter Based Resources to Utility Transmission Systems
C2019WG ReportExploring IEEE C37.246-2017 Guide for Protection Systems of Transmission-to-Generation Interconnections
C2017WG ReportImpact of Voltage Source Converter (VSC) Based HVDC Transmission on AC System Protection
C2017WG ReportRole of Protective Relaying in the Smart Grid
C2014WG ReportRelay Scheme Design Using Microprocessor Relays
C2013WG ReportFault Current Contributions from Wind Plants
C2013WG ReportUse of Synchrophasor Measurements in Protective Relaying Applications
C2006WG ReportConsiderations for Use of Disturbance Recorders
CNAWG ReportProtective Relaying and Power Quality
C2012WG reportDesign and Testing of System Integrity Protection Schemes (SIPS)
C1997WG ReportWide Area Protection and Emergency Control
C2006WG ReportRelay Engineering in Power Engineering Curricula
CNAWG ReportCybersecurity Issues for Protective Relaying
C2008WG ReportPerformance of Relaying during Wide-Area Stressed Conditions
C2008WG ReportProcesses, Issues, Trends and Quality Control of Relay Settings
C2010WG ReportIEEE PSRC Report on Global Industry Experience with System Integrity Protection Schemes (SIPS)
C2020WG ReportModification of Commercial Fault Calculation Programs for Wind Turbine Generators
D2018Summary PaperSummary of Revision, IEEE C37.119-2016, Guide for Breaker Failure Protection of Power Circuit Breakers
D2014WG ReportTransmission Line Applications of Directional Ground Overcurrent Relays
D2014WG ReportAC Transmission Line Model Parameter Validation
D2014WG ReportConsiderations in Choosing Directional Polarizing Methods for Ground Overcurrent Elements in Line Protection Applications
D2014WG ReportDistance Element Response to Distorted Waveforms
D2013Special ReportEffect of Distribution Automation on Protective Relaying
D2012Special ReportPerformance Specification and Testing of Transmission Line Relays for Frequency Response
D2012SpreadsheetComtrade Calculator referenced in�Performance Specification and Testing of Transmission Line Relays for Frequency Response
D2009WG ReportApplication of Overreaching Distance Relays
D1996WG ReportHigh Impedance Fault Detection
D2004WG ReportImpact of Distributed Resources on Distribution Line Protection
D2005WG ReportLoss of ac Voltage Considerations for Line Protection
D2005WG ReportPower Swing and Out-of-Step Considerations on Transmission Lines
D2002WG ReportResults of the 2002 Distribution Protection Survey
D2001WG ReportTransmission Line Relay Loadability
D2008WG ReportJustifying Pilot Protection on Transmission Lines
D2008WG ReportSummary of C37.230-2007, IEEE Guide for Protective Relay Applications to Distribution Lines
D2009WG ReportCold Load Pickup Issues
D2005WG ReportEMTP Reference Models for Transmission Line Relay Testing
D2013PSCADPSCAD files pertaining to "EMTP Reference Models for Transmission Line Relay Testing" report
D2020ATPATP files pertaining to "EMTP Reference Models for Transmission Line Relay Testing" report
H2015WG ReportComtrade 2013 Conformity Test Plan
H2013WG ReportCommunications Technology for Protection Systems
H2013WG ReportCommon format for IED Configuration Data
H2008WG ReportReport on a Common Data Format for IED Sampled Data
H2011WG ReportCyber Security for Protection Related Data Files
H2005WG ReportApplication Considerations of IEC 61850/UCA 2 for Substation Ethernet Local Area Network Communication for Protection and Control
H2002WG ReportApplication of Peer-to-Peer Communication for Protective Relaying
H2002WG ReportDigital Communications for Relay Protection
H2001WG ReportFile Naming Convention for Time Sequence Data
H2003WG ReportIEEE C37.115-2003 Standard Test Method for Use in Evaluation of Message Communications between IEDs in an Integrated SCADA System
H2012WG ReportProtective Relay Applications Using the Smart Grid Communication Infrastructure
H2004WG ReportSpecial Considerations in Applying Power Line Carrier for Protective Relaying
H2005WG ReportUsing Spread Spectrum Radio Communication for Power System Protection Relaying Applications�
H2008PaperSummary Paper of C37.232-2007 Recommended Practice for Naming Time Sequenced Data Files
H2008WG ReportGlossary of Communications Terms
H2010WG ReportSchema for Phasor Data using the COMTRADE File Standard
H2011WG ReportRedundancy in Coupling PLC to the Power Line
H2020WG ReportChannel Performance Considerations for Ethernet Circuits Applied to Teleprotection
H2020WG ReportApplication Testing of IEC 61850 Based Systems
I2017WG ReportCommissioning Testing of Protection Systems
I2018WG ReportUse of Hall Effect Sensors for Protection and Monitoring Applications
I2016WG ReportAnalysis of System Waveforms and Event Data
I2015WG ReportQuality Assurance for Protection and Control Design
I2015WG ReportEnd-Of-Useful Life Assessment of P&C Devices
I2014WG ReportSchematic Representation of Power System Relaying
I2013WG ReportRelay Functional Type Testing
I2011WG ReportAnomaly Checks for Relay Settings
I2003WG ReportCT Saturation Theory and Calculator
I1988WG ReportIntertie Protection of Consumer-Owned Generation
I1999WG ReportRelay System Performance Measuring
I2002WG ReportSummary Paper on C37.90.1-2002
I2002WG Report2001 Survey of Relaying Test Practices
I2005WG ReportTransmission Relay Systems Performance Comparison
I2009WG ReportUnderstanding Microprocessor-Based Technology Applied to Relaying
I2008WG ReportEvent Reconstruction Using Data from Protection and Disturbance Recording Intelligent Electronic Devices
I2010WG ReportRedundancy Considerations for Protective Relaying Systems
I2011WG ReportPractical Aspects of Rogowski Coil Applications to Relaying
I1997WG ReportTerms Used by Protection Engineers
J2022WG ReportModeling of Generator Controls for Coordinating Generator Relays
J2020WG ReportImproved Generator Ground Fault Schemes
J2012WG ReportPower Plant and Transmission System Protection Coordination
J2011WG ReportProtection Considerations for Combustion Gas Turbine Static Starting
J2009WG ReportAdjustable Speed Drive Motor Protection Applications and Issues
J2007WG PaperCoordination of Generator Protection with Generator Excitation Control and Generator Capability
J2011TutorialIEEE Tutorial on the Protection of Synchronous Generators
J2012WG ReportMotor Bus Transfer Applications Issues and Considerations
J2020WG ReportApplication of Out-of-Step Protection Schemes for Generators
K2020WG ReportMethods for Detecting and Analyzing an Open Phase Condition of a Power Circuit to a Nuclear Plant Station Service or Startup Transformer
K2019WG ReportGeomagnetic Disturbances (GMD) Impact on Protection Systems
K2016WG ReportLooking into the�Looking into the Future Protection, Automation and Control Systems _IEEE PSRC WG K15_Final
K2015WG ReportCentralized Substation Protection and Control
K2009WG ReportProtection Considerations to Mitigate Arc-Flash Hazards
K1999WG ReportProtection of Phase Angle Regulating Transformer
K1999WG ReportRelay Trip Circuit Design
K1999WG ReportTransformer Thermal Overload Protection
K2009WG ReportReducing Outage Durations Through Improved Protection and Autorestoration in Distribution Stations
K2014WG ReportReducing Outages Through Improved Protection, Monitoring, Diagnostics and Autorestoration In Transmission Substations
K1996WG ReportVoltage Collapse Mitigation
K2009WG ReportAncillary Protective and Control Functions Common to Multiple Protective Relays
K2010SummaryAncillary Protective and Control Functions Common to Multiple Protective Relays - Summary
K2014ReportSudden Pressure Protection of Transformers
PSCCC2018ReportApplication of Ethernet Networking Devices Used for Protection and Control Applications in Electric Power Substations
OTHER1976PaperSelection And Protection Of Current Transformers For Use In Shunt Capacitor Banks
OTHER2015PaperThe Application and Benefits of Multi-phase Auto-reclosing
OTHER2009PaperConsiderations and Experiences in Implementing Ground Differential Protection for Transformer Protection at TVA
TUTORIALNAEMTP TutorialPresentations - Chapters 1 to 4
TUTORIALNAEMTP TutorialPresentations - Chapters 5 to 9
TUTORIALNAEMTP TutorialPresentations - Chapters 10 to 13
TUTORIAL1979ReportComputer Relaying
TUTORIAL1988CourseMicroprocessor Relays and Protection Systems
TUTORIAL1997CourseAdvancements in Microprocessor Based Protection and Communication

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