Advisory Subcommittee


Assist the Chair of the PSRC on all matters that he may request in the functioning, direction, and conduct of the work of the Main Committee. (Main Committee Officers, Subcommittee Chairs and past PSRC Chairs)

Chair: Murty Yalla

Vice Chair: Mike Thompson

Working Groups

WGNameChairVice ChairScope
B1Awards and Technical Paper RecognitionHugu MonterrubioMal SwansonNominate PSRC-sponsored papers standards and reports for PES Technical Council and IEEE awards. To nominate individual members for award recognition. (Sub Committee Vice Chairs)
B2Fellows AwardT. W. CeaseKen MartinAssist PSRC sponsors with advice on the Fellow nomination process. To access the background of Fellow nominees and aid the PSRC in preparation of required documents.
B3MembershipMal SwansonCathy DaltonProvide assistance in searching for new participants who have qualifications for eventual membership. Assist in maintaining diversity of expertise among active members and participants. Provide assistance where appropriate for those needing help gaining support of the organization where they are employed.
B4Long Range Task ForcePratap MysoreThe primary function of the Long Range Task Force is to act in an advisory capacity to the Chair of the PSRC. They will discuss and analyze developments in various fields of Electric Power Engineering as they affect the activity of the Power System Relaying Committee. They are to advise the Officers of PSRC if any changes in the organization and operation of the PSRC are desirable. The membership of the Long Range Task Force is limited to ex-Chairs of PSRC.
B5PublicityCathy DaltonMal SwansonPreparation of such articles as may be required for the promotion of more general knowledge about the relaying art and the work of the PSRC. Promote the sales of selected IEEE standards guides and special publications at technical meetings and conferences. Promotion of PSRC meetings at local Universities and PES chapters.
B8O&P Manual and Working Group Chair TrainingPhil WinstonRich HuntRevise and amend PSRC Organization and Procedure Manual when directed to do so by the PSRC Chair. Conduct working group Chair forums on procedures and training.
B9PSRC Web SiteRick GambleProvide assistance in setting up Web Sites and maintaining the PSRC Web Site.

PSRC webmaster