System Protection Subcommittee


Evaluate protection systems responses to abnormal power system states. Evaluate and report on special protection schemes, remedial actions schemes, monitoring and control systems and their performance during abnormal power system conditions. Recommend corrective strategies and develop appropriate standards, guides, or special publications. Evaluate and report on new technologies which may have a bearing on protection system performance during abnormal power system conditions.

Chair: Fred Friend

Vice Chair: Michael Higginson

Working Groups

WGNameChairVice ChairScope
C23Coordination of Synchrophasor Related ActivitiesAllen GoldsteinTBDThe ongoing task force will provide three main functions: -Liason with NASPI (North American Synchrophasor Initiative) (specifically the PRSVTT)to keep the PSRC in sync with the changes and needs in the industry with respect to the development and usage of PMU devices. Formalize transfer process of PRSVTT developed documents to PES PSRC including making recommendations which PRSVTT activities should be transferred to IEEE reports, guides and standards. -Make recommendations to PSRC for assignments that would require the creation of working groups in PSRC and also recommend what the output of those working groups might be (Guides, reports, etc.) based on the needs of the industry. -Coordinate related activities with other IEEE PES committees.
C25Protection of Wind Electric PlantsMartin BestAmin ZamaniWrite a report to provide guidance on relay protection and coordination at wind electric plants. This report will cover protection of generator step up transformers, collector system feeders, grounding transformers, collector buses, reactors, capacitors, main station transformers, tie lines and points of interconnection and associated arc flash issues. Although the report will address coordination with wind turbine generator protective devices and static var sources, the protection of the wind turbine generators and static var sources will not be included.
C26C37.233, Power System Protection Testing GuideDon WareMatt BlackRevise C37.233 Power System Protection Testing Guide.
C28C37.242, Guide to the Synchronization, Calibration, Installation and Testing of PMUs for Power System Protection and ControlAllen GoldsteinHarold KirkhamRevision of the IEEE guide which provides guidance for synchronization, calibration, testing, and installation of phasor measurement units (PMUs) applied in power system protection and control.
C29Power System Testing Methods for Power Swing Blocking and Out of Step TrippingKevin JonesMike KockottCreate a report on test instructions/parameters to accompany the PSRC documents Application of Out-Of-Step Protection Schemes for Generators, and Tutorial on Setting Impedance Based Power Swing Blocking and Out of Step Tripping Functions on Transmission Lines, to aid the users in quality testing of their settings and systems when following the working group outputs which recommend testing of complex relay settings and systems.
C31Guide for Protection System Redundancy for Power System ReliabilitySolveig WardAlla DeronjaDevelopment of a guide for protection system redundancy. This guide provides information about what factors to consider when determining the impact of protection system redundancy on power system reliability.
C33Support for WG-P2004 “Recommended Practice for Hardware-in-the Loop (HIL) Simulation Based Testing of Electric Power Apparatus and Controls”Dean OulletteSakis MeliopoulosSupport the development of this IEEE recommended practice in cooperation with PELS, IAS, and IES efforts.
CTF34Inverter-Based Short Circuit Current ImpactsKevin JonesGary KobetCoordinate/communicate the efforts of the PES/NERC Low Short Circuit Current Impacts Task Force and PSRC working groups addressing the issues of inverter-based resources.
C36Transactions paper development for the Role of Protective Relaying in the Smart GridBen KazimierSteve KleckerExplore interest in development of a transactions paper from the work of the WG C2 on the Role of Protective Relays in the Smart Grid.
C38P2030.12, Investigate the need to create a Guide for the Design of Microgrid Protection SystemsMani VenkataMichael HigginsonDevelop a Guide for the Design of Microgrid Protection Systems.
C39Testing of AVC Systems in the Regional Power GridXiaopeng LiZhenyuan ZhangThis guide describes the application philosophy, limitations, and testing methods for the automatic voltage control (AVC) system of the regional power grid. This guide applies to the testing for reactive-power-control-based AVC systems in the regional grid.
C40Summary paper of C37.247 Standard for Phasor Data Concentrators (PDC) for Power SystemsVasudev GharpureMital KanabarExplore interest in developing a summary paper from the new C37.247 Standard for Phasor Data Concentrators (PDC) for Power Systems.
CTF41Investigate performance requirements for Distribution PMUsKen MartinNuwan PereraTask Force CTF41 will examine the measurement performance requirements for PMUs that are intended for use in distribution systems and make a recommendation to either use the present standard 60255-118-1, update the present standard 60255-118-1 with special requirements, or initiate creation of a completely new standard. CTF41 will also review frequency and sample value measurement requirements and recommend updates to the 60255-118-1 if they seem warranted.
C42Summary of C37.250 Guide for Engineering, Implementation and Management of System Integrity Protection SchemesGene HennebergYi HuWrite a conference paper summarizing the new C37.250 Guide for Engineering, Implementation and Management of System Integrity Protection Schemes.
CTF43Investigate interest in the use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Protection and Control ApplicationsYi HuTBDTo investigate whether there is interest in the use of AI/ML for protection and control, and if there is interest, and to make a recommendation to C subcommittee regarding the proposed assignment of a new working group.

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