Rotating Machinery Subcommittee


Evaluate and report on protective relaying concepts and practices applicable to generators, motors, synchronous condensers, associated auxiliary systems, and performance of plant protective systems. Develop and maintain related relaying standards.

Chair: Gary Kobet

Vice Chair: Will English

Working Groups

WGNameChairVice ChairScope
J12Improved Generator Ground Fault Protection SchemesDale FinneyManish DasTo review new methods related to generator ground fault protection.
J13Modeling of Generator Controls for Coordinating Generator RelaysJuan GersPhil TatroWork jointly with the Excitation Systems and Controls Subcommittee (ESCS) of the Energy Development and Power Generation Committee (EDPG) and the Power Systems Dynamic Performance Committee (PSDP) to improve cross discipline understanding. Create guidelines that can be used by planning and protection engineers to perform coordination checks of the timing and sensitivity of protective elements with generator control characteristics and settings while maintaining adequate protection of the generating system equipment. Improve the modeling of the dynamic response of generators and the characteristics of generator excitation control systems to disturbances and stressed system conditions. Improve the modeling of protective relays in power dynamic stability modeling software. Define cases and parameters that may be used for the purpose of ensuring coordination of controls with generator protective relays especially under dynamic conditions. Write a report to the J-Subcommittee summarizing guidelines.
J14Plant Protection Issues Associated with Black Starting of GeneratorsChris RuckmanZeeky BukhalaInvestigate and report to the J Subcommittee on plant protection issues associated with black start.
J15Investigation of the Criteria for the Transfer of Motor BusesWayne HartmannJoseph ValenzuelaProduce a Report to Subcommittee with findings of the above.
J16Revision of C37.101, Guide for AC Generator Ground ProtectionRyan CarlsonDoug weisz
J17Revision of C37.102, Guide for AC Generator ProtectionManish DasGary KobetRevise C37.102 Guide for AC Generator Protection.
J18Impact of Renewables on Synchronous GeneratorsNormann FischerJared MrazInvestigate the effect of inverter-based sources on rotating machinery protection and control.
J19Revision of C37.106, IEEE Guide for Abnormal Frequency Protection for Power Generating PlantsRitwik ChowdhuryJason Espinosa This guide summarizes the use of relays and devices such that the reader may select the necessary equipment to provide adequate protection for AC generators from abnormal frequency conditions.
J20Practices for Generator Synchronizing SystemsJason EspinosaLuis Polanco
J21Motor Protection TutorialKelvin BarnerDerrick HaasDevelop a practical motor protection tutorial based around IEEE C37.96. The intent is to aid the reader to develop effective relay settings.
J22Revision of C37.96, Guide for AC Motor ProtectionZeeky BukhalaTBDTBD
JTF1Investigate the Need for a Generator Condition Monitoring WGSteve Turner
JTF2Investigate the Need for a Disturbance Recording WGDennis Tierney

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